Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mounting Artwork by Drilling and Sleeving
Another way to mount an art object is by using the drilling and sleeving method. There are some objects that benefit from being drilled prior to mounting. The piece is usually drilled from the bottom or the back on a non artistic surface. 1...0-31 Inc. always recommends putting a sleeve into the object. This is the conservatorally sound way of mounting the piece so it can be removed from its base and helps to keep the piece from being worn down or damaged from removing it from the base. It is not recommended to permanently attach the object to a base since it could reduce the value. This method has a very clean look. Stone, wood, metal, clay or terracotta can be drilled. Some stone is very hard to drill making it more expensive because of the time it takes. Terracotta can be very fragile and needs to be drilled delicately. Drilling always has its risks, so it is best to use someone with experience. 10-31 Inc. has been drilling artifacts for over 25 years and has the experience and equipment to do the job correctly.
Drilling and screwing is a similar procedure but is usually done from the back. The piece would be drilled to allow lead or brass fittings to be placed so that screws can be placed into them.

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