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The employees of 10-31 Inc. helping to build the playground at Sycamore Park, Blairstown, NJ. More info on the project can be seen here:

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Other Artifact Mounting Techniques 

I mentioned earlier about the armature and drilling methods for mounting artwork, so here are some other methods for displaying artwork.
The Fitting: A fitting can made to go inside the cavity of hollow objects to hold the piece. The advan...tage here is that there is no need to drill and it doesn’t need anything holding it on the outside. Sometimes it is difficult to get a fitting to hold the piece correctly which may require a good deal of tweaking.
Art Display Essentials also carries a few stock items that use this principle. The Center Post Base is simple and has a post for going up into the bottom of an item. They can be seen here:
The Hat Stand also fits inside objects other than hats. They can be seen here:
The Inlet: The inlet is sort of the opposite of the fitting. The base gets carved out and molded to the exact shape of the bottom of the object letting it fit down into the base and locking it into place. This is sometimes used in conjunction with other mounting techniques.
Clips: Sometimes a few clips can hold the base of an object down to its stand to secure the piece in place. These can be used in conjunction with an inlet.
Backplates: This method uses clips to hold an object onto a backplate that could be black, clear, wood, etc. Sometimes the back of the object goes through the backplate itself.
Again 10-31 Inc. has been making these custom mounts for artifacts for over 25 years and will recommend which approach is the best for a particular situation.

Art Display Essentials also carries stock backplates in a number of sizes. You can see them here:
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