Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Displaying Helmets, Hats, and Headdresses

 helmet stand

There are a wide range of collectible helmets and hats from many cultures and time periods.  From the ancient bronze Greek helmet to an antique top hat to a full African headdress, they usually all have a straight forward approach to displaying them. Since they were all made to fit on a person’s head, it is just a matter of providing something the right size for them to rest on. Unlike a typical hat or helmet that you may throw on a hat rack, collectible headwear should have a stand that shows it is special and makes it stand out without detracting from the piece itself.    
Art Display Essentials offers stock helmet / hat stands in two heights; 12” high and 18” high. They are also available in either black or clear.
 Helmet Stand.net
Sometimes a custom size or finish is desired so a custom mount would be the solution. 10-31 Inc. has been custom mounting helmets and hats for over 25 years and makes a very nice stand for these pieces. They can also fabricate wall mounts if applicable.
 Helmet Stands
Some helmet types: Greek, Corinthian, Apulian Corinthian, Illyrian, Chalcidian, Attic Chalcidian, Pilos, Phrygian, Thracian, Beotian, Roman, Agen, Nidau, Weisenau, Gladiator, Medieval, Armet, Aventail, Barbute, Bascinet, Benty Grange, Brocas Helm, Cervelliere, Combat, Coppergate, Coventry Sallet, Falling Buffe, Frog Mouth Helm, Great Helm, Horned, Hounskull, Kettle Hat, Mempo, Nasal, Sallet, Spangenhelm, Visor, Celtic, Mongolian, Jousting, Viking, Iranian Turban, Maximilian, Japanese Kabuto, Prussian Pickelhaube, Pith, Firefighter, Military, Custodian, Pith, Sports, Motorcycle.